Welcome back old friend

Over ten years ago I spent the most I ever have spent on a dress. It bought it at David Jones in Brisbane when I was on a work trip not long before my 30th birthday. It’s by Nicolla Finetti and it’s cream silk with the most beautiful black and red embroidery. I have worn it a few times, and slowly put on some weight so really didn’t fit it properly and put it in the back of the closet. A friend borrowed it for a wedding, and she has had it ever since then. Yesterday we caught up and she gave the dress back. It was so nice to see it again. It’s fine she’s had it all this time, as for the bigger part of these years I would have never been able to squeeze into it.

I tried it on as soon as I got home. It fits pretty well, and I will wear it again, but I need to come to terms with the strapless factor. I’m not sure I can get a bra under there, and after ten years and a child, I’m not sure my boobs will sit quite right.  I will see how it looks after a few weeks of fasting. I also wondered what it may look like with a denim shirt chucked over the top as a jacket, with rolled up sleeves. In fact I think I may have even worn it like that over ten years ago…

But, I’m happy to have you back old friend.

nicola finetti


  1. Such a lovely dress!
    If you wanted to be girlie you could wear a pink cardi…or just go with a white or black one. Or if brave invest in some double sided tape! :)

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