Shoes anyone?

Let’s get this part out of the way first. If you have read any posts here before you know I love to lay down the cash on shoes and bags.  And I admit that I once went out after a promotion and a pay rise and bought myself a new watch to celebrate. (I still wear this watch some ten years later so the cost per wear ratio is pretty good. I admit though that I put it on my credit card, so by the time I probably actually paid for the watch, it likely cost the entire pay rise).

But riddle me this? When the men win a Grand Slam, do the commentators ask them if they will buy new shoes or a new bag with their prize money?

Seriously? Do they ask the fellas that as well?

Because that’s what some buffoon on Channel 7 asked Victoria Azarenka, after she had just won the Australian Open last night.

Will she buy some shoes, or maybe a new bag with her prize money?

The whole scene was ridiculous because while there was one buffoon asking her these riveting and important public interest questions on one side, she had her strange boyfriend from LMFAO sitting next to her on the other, crashing her moment of glory and asking about where the good “shopping malls” are in Melbourne, and drinking her Red Bull.

It was farcical.




  1. Closet Strategy says:

    Missed it, but that sounds like something out of a movie. Unbelievable!

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