Back To Skool

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Late last year I heard about a post-grad course that sounded interesting. I went to the information session. I had none of the formal requirements, but did have some background experience, so I talked to the subject co-ordinator and she encouraged me to apply. And I got in. So I’m back at university. I LOVE it. […]



I’m taking an R programming course via coursera and it is certainly stretching me. Sometimes it feels like being stretched and rolled through a pasta maker. But I’m getting there and I’m learning a lot of good stuff. I’ve also been trying to do some small projects for myself; to keep experimenting and build up […]

Tiny Ruins

tiny ruins

There is something magical and transformative about sitting in the Spiegeltent at the sydney festival. Over the years I’ve seen several shows that have brought out the daydreamer in me. Shows where the music transports you, and allows you to listen and “feel” at the same time.  This last week has been a funny one. That sort of […]

Magical Tidyness

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I am a convert. I am about one third the way through tidying our house and it is nothing sort of revolutionary in terms of shit-shifting. And when I say shit-shifting I mean that metaphorically and literally. Literally bags of stuff have been moved out, and clean empty spaces have been left. It leaves you with such […]

Banality | Simplicity


I recently participated in 99 Days of Freedom; 99 days with no Facebook. It was surprisingly easy and provoked surprising reactions from some people I know. Now that the 99 days are over, I scan Facebook again, and post to it. I’ve noticed how much of a time vacuum it is. It’s not really a time […]

I write blog posts in my head


I write a lot of blog posts in my head but don’t post them here. It’s mainly laziness. Also a confusion about the focus of this blog and what I want to write about. To say the last few years have been an upheaval in my life is an understatement. But I atill feel I have gained/learned […]

Pretty pretty


I’m about 90% tomboy. I love a frock, but I’m not very frou-frou with my choices. And although this dress is floral, there is something equal parts pretty and hard edged. Maybe it’s the pockets. Maybe it’s the awesome orange shoes. Or the smart corset bustier. When you look closely the fabric also resembles my […]


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